Kill Fee Per Animal:









Price Per Pound
Cut Vacuum Sealed and Frozen:



.69 per pound hanging weight

.69 per pound hanging weight Curing is Additional

Lamb Included in the Kill cost

Goat Included in the Kill cost

Exotics will be priced upon the situation.

Additional Fees:
Commercial Label setup- $25 One Time Fee - Possible Waiver Available
Hamburger Patties: $.50 per pound of patties
Chip Steaks:
$.50 per pound of steaks
Hogs weighing over 225# hanging weight - Slaughter $75 & $.75 per pound over 200#
Beef over 30 months - Kill and chill - Additional $30 for BSE disposal
Kill fee for Beef that dress over 1000# will be $75

Please pick up your order as quickly as possible. Freezer space is valuable real estate
during this time of year for a meat processor.

You have a 3 day grace period to pick your order up after we notify you.
A storage charge of $25 per week will apply thereafter. After 30 days the meat becomes property of Hampshire Meats LLC.

PLEASE NOTE: The above price per pound is based on the animal hanging weight !
There is a $30 additional fee if you keep your hide.